Michael Romrell – President @ Literal

“Hiring through Fairstream has been fantastic! The events give us great awareness and we love the participation from attendees but the best part is the speed it takes to hire.

We signed up for our first event three days before. 154 people viewed our session live which converted to 50+ applications! Those applications turned into two awesome (critical) hires after the event.

We’ve since participated in events that have generated hundreds of impressions, helped build our talent brand within diverse communities, and make our best hires! Very happy with our experience on the platform.”

Top stats: 

  • 3 events
  • 500+ session views
  • 84% of candidates were post college, 36% with 5+ yrs exp
  • 4 hires


Literal is an award-winning app that makes reading entire books fun, engaging, and addictive – even for the most unmotivated of readers! In addition to Literal’s addictive reading format, the app empowers teachers, parents and readers by providing real-time analytics to track reading progress, activity, and average reading speed.