Mentorli Answers Call for Diversity at Silicon Slopes


Lehi, Utah — On February 1, 2020, Mentorli will answer the call for diversity on the Silicon Slopes and launch a solution that aims to tackle the opportunity gap experienced by women and those of underrepresented backgrounds. Mentorli’s software empowers employee allies to attract underrepresented candidates for their organization through mentoring and referrals. 

While Utah’s startup community faces an inflection point on its road to becoming the next Silicon Valley, companies face significant recruiting challenges in the most competitive talent market since 1969. Leaders can no longer afford to discount any community of qualified candidates by neglecting to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels like they have a place. 

Given the talent landscape, and new findings from Mckinsey that cite a linear relationship between diversity and earnings, the call for diversity has never been louder—especially on the Slopes. CEOs, employees, and writers alike have raised concerns “the very thing that is transforming Utah into the next tech mecca could be the very thing that ends up holding it back.” If companies want to get to the next level, they need to embrace the community in its entirety—all underrepresented individuals included.

Born and raised in South Africa, Co-Founder and CEO of the Mentorli platform Luke Mocke, has taken a different approach to solving diversity challenges: “Getting referred can increase your chances of landing a job by 15x We’re leaning into that power to close the opportunity gap underrepresented candidates face.” To ensure companies always get a diverse slate of referrals, Mentorli carefully vets the associations it partners with before allowing members onto the platform. 

Available on February 1, 2020, Mentorli’s business model cuts the national average cost per hire by 50% because it doesn’t rely on internal recruiters or headhunters to get the job done. In celebration of the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit, companies that schedule a demo for Mentorli before February 7, 2020, will get their first hire FREE. 

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About Mentorli

With roots in the San Francisco Bay and Salt Lake City Area, Mentorli was founded by former LinkedIn and Workday employees to help companies attract all qualified talent networks, not just the ones they started with.

Mentorli makes underrepresented candidates up to 15x more likely to land a job by connecting them to mentors from similar backgrounds at the companies they want to work at.